Join our exclusive Wine Club membership!
You all know how a Wine Club membership works but, have you ever joined one in Spain?
Probably the first Wine Club program in the country, thanks to years of experience working in Napa Valley (USA), we have developed a membership that not only allows you to receive Sarmentero periodically at home but also you can benefit from the program from the other side of the world!
Just to sum up, these are the benefits you get from being part of our family:

  • Get exclusive Spanish wine at your doorstep
  • As we are aware of shipping costs, we combined the shipments into two times a year: 6 bottles/shipment. This will allow you to have a case of wine/year*
  • You'll have access to our cellar selections wines with your shipments and/or with our promotions
  • Periodically discounts on online shopping (or at the winery if you are here)
  • If you're coming back to visit, free tasting for 2 people, 50% the rest of the group and discounts in our special tours
  • Recipes, merchandising and gifts!

Email or contact us, we will send you some more information as well as the form so you can fill it out and send back to us, and boom! you're our new wine club member!

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